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New admissions are open for SSC ( Mini KG Onwards) 2019-20                                                                                                 Right to Education (RTE) norms are followed for New Admissions                                                                                                 (Recognised by Govt. of Maharashtra) Regd. No. VSL 1004(260/2004/3)

Message from Founder Chairman

Mr. Anshul B.Sharma
Founder Chairman

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Prestige Public School. As you are aware, the student is now burdened with a large curriculum to cope with, leading to lot of stress on the student. In order to relieve the pressure, the curriculum is spread out and coupled with fun and happy moments for the child. Prestige Public School endeavors to make the child enjoy his studies and progress in all aspects.

Our staff is qualified and experienced to pay special and individual attention to each student on a platform of equality, freedom and knowledge based growth. The students who enroll here as a mere seedling is transformed into a responsible citizen as the years roll by under the TENDER LOVING CARE put in by us.

The parents will notice the gradual progress of the child with interest and appreciate the way their child is progressing.
 We wish the children happy years at Prestige Public School.


Message from Principal

Mrs. Madhulika Bhatnagar
Principal PPS

Oxford Dictionary defines education as the process of receiving or giving systematic information especially at a school, college or university. Every soul is the source of indefinite knowledge. Every human being is a reservoir of immerse potential. He is born with an endless range of abilities and talents, known and unknown to him. There potentials, which are dormant, need the awakening touch of the education. According to Swami Vivekanands- “Education must provide life building, man-making, character-building assimilation of ideas.”

Schools of the day have come up with very innovative ways and techniques to introduce ways of learning to children whereby they can go out into the world fully prepared. Our approach to imparting skills among children caters to the holistic development. Young minds need careful guidelines, understanding of their feelings and emotions and a sculptor like teacher who can take out the best in them. On one side we have to ensure education as a joyful journey to be experienced and not taken up as a goal to be conquered and the other side, we enable and enrich young minds delve into creative thinking, do examine and research on verbal logics and have active participation on discussing the supposed results or destination of any project or assignment. Constant success in good results at SSC level has given boosting to our team of teachers and their faith in work. With this goal of creating gems and sharpening their skills, this year we are coming up with CBSE at Pre-primary and std.I level in which curriculum shall prioratize children for analytical and creative thinking where they will be allowed to understand and find different ways of solving any problem as well assignment.

Message from Director

Mr. Om Sharma

Dear Parents,

The student life at Prestige Public School involves the basic Principles of life blended well with values and education through safe environment. We are totally committed to the provisions of high quality education in our school and continually seeking ways of improving high standards. Our school will enable students to gain life-long learning skills and prepare them as global citizens as well.

Prestige Public School is a school where everyone, from the faculty to administration and maintenance to support staff is deeply committed to ensuring that every day, each and every student has the opportunity to come to a safe, clean, well maintained facility and to interact with a professional staff that places student learning in a supportive and encouraging environment as the highest priority.

Through our curriculum, we aspire to strengthen the friendly, ethical and cultural development of our students and to equip them for future responsibilities. I look forward to a long, happy and productive association with you- our Students, Parents, and Teachers.

Our CBSE school is launched with the understanding that “ Education is not about learning of facts, but the training of the mind to Think “

PPS: Where Together We Thrive and Reach for Excellence, by taking Education to the Next Level.