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New admissions are open for CBSE (Mini KG to 3rd Std) for 2019-20 (Recognised by Govt. of Maharashtra) SFS-108/1470/SM-2


To instill discipline to enable the Prestigions to take the challenges of modern society and to transform the students into responsible citizens.


"Our Mission is to empower children with best of Competitive education coupled with human values. Just like a sculptor carves painstakingly a sculpture, we have the mission to transform them to creative, learned & responsible citizen. We choose to develop child's intellect so that he/she can consider the array of choices that are in front of them and judiciously, unerringly & conscientiously be bold enough to make their own decision. At Prestige, we strive by employing integrated approach for the development of intellectual curiosity, personality & moral conduct."

Message from Principal

Oxford Dictionary defines education as the process of receiving or giving systematic information especially at a school, college or university. Every soul is the source of indefinite knowledge. Every human being is a reservoir of immerse potential. He is born with an endless range of abilities and talents, known and unknown to him. These potentials, which are dormant, need the awakening touch of the education. According to Swami Vivekanand- “Education must provide life building, man-making, character-building assimilation of ideas.”

Schools of the day have come up with very innovative ways and techniques to introduce ways of learning to children whereby they can go out into the world fully prepared. Our approach to imparting skills among children caters to the holistic development. Young minds need careful guidelines, understanding of their feelings and emotions and a sculptor like teacher who can take out the best in them. On one side we have to ensure education as a joyful journey to be experienced and not taken up as a goal to be conquered and the other side, we enable and enrich young minds delve into creative thinking, do examine and research on verbal logics and have active participation on discussing the supposed results or destination of any project or assignment. Constant success in good results at SSC level has given boosting to our team of teachers and their faith in work. Hence, since last two years, we have been aiming at analytical and creative development even among our CBSE school which has been extended from Pre-primary to Primary section.

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